I am Lisa Raie and I write about pain, suffering and healing.


Well, simply through linking words using my own real life experiences, I have found a way
to open my vulnerable heart.

I write with honesty and at times I bleed on to the pages.

My words are painful but my words reveal the parts of me and my life that would normally have stayed hidden. Without releasing my words onto paper, my pain and suffering would still be suppressed.

I am not hiding my scars, I am showing them all because I want others to be open to showing their scars too!

By entering into pain and expressing it, something beautiful happens;

“ it helps heal us”

Yes, I said it heals us because, by me sharing my stories, it is more than just about me. Through my stories I want other people to connect with certain pieces of my pain/suffering and in their own stories find their own healing. By doing this I want to people go through the same process that has helped and that is helping me.

It is an act of courage but in writing about my experiences I am brave enough to help others through the journey and that,

“helps heal the world”

Yes, the world is in pain and, it is full of suffering and injustice and it’s why I will share the stories that matter ~ so that the horrific stories of pain and suffering that this earths people hold so deeply can be released ~ And in doing this for myself the whispers from God have become stronger and stronger to stand up as a light for others.

That’s why I am inviting you to come further with me along this journey, as my words launch into print, as well as my documentaries to further open up the important conversation that pain, suffering can become healing in this modern world and we will do it tasting the grace of God every step of the way.

Lisa Raie 💋